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When you let your staff go gracefully, you pave the way for both their career and your future employees.

With more than 20 years of experience within the job market and a 1,000 – 1,500 candidates in Outplacement courses annually, Actief Hartmanns is a trustworthy partner for you both before, during and after the layoffs. We handle larger layoffs, as well as smaller ones. We have courses for both smaller and larger organizations, including municipalities. Some courses are targeted towards landing a job in Denmark, while others are focused on international opportunities.
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At Actief Hartmanns, Outplacement is also called Newplacement

Newplacement is an extension of the more common phrase Outplacement. The reason why we work with Newplacement as well as Outplacement is, because we believe that you don’t just send your employees “out” of your organization, but you help them move on towards a “new” career. We create plans, set goals and implement them, in accordance with our future strategy. Our outplacement process is simple and always adapted to the former employees’ wishes and needs. This means that they can focus on their future career, in peace at a new place, creating new goals and striving towards achieving them. Our certified consultants are at your disposal before, during and after the dismissal.

They cooperate with your former employee until they find a new job, actually they will be in a supportive role the first 100 days of your former employees’ participation in the new job. Research shows that the first 100 days within a new job are crucial, when considering whether the employee will stay there permanently, that is why we stay in contact until we make sure that the employee is staying.
In short: With an Outplacement course at Actief Hartmanns, your employees will not only be treated well, but they will have new opportunities ahead of them, to look forward too. You will also get good ambassadors, that pave the road for your future employees.
As a result of the above-mentioned you will increase your employer branding significantly.


Outplacement programmes annually

77% is relocated

in a new job within three months

86% is relocated

in a new job within six months

Client satisfaction 1-6

Candidates 5,4 – clients 5,5

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