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We specialize in these sectors


We strengthen the industry and help ensure, develop, and adapt the skilled workforce necessary for success in a rapidly changing industry.

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Technology, Energy, Environment

With a deep understanding of company culture, insight into the sector’s unique structure, and broad awareness of the many specialized areas within technology, energy, and the environment, we comprehend the various branches and specializations.

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“We possess extensive expertise within the IT sector, covering recruitment, new placement processes, and HR development. Let us assist you in navigating your IT personnel and career development needs.

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lager og logistik rekruttering

Warehouse, Logistics, and Distribution

We specialize in navigating the challenges within warehouse, logistics, and distribution. Let Actief Hartmanns be your strategic partner for hiring, development, and outplacement within warehouse, logistics, and distribution

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Økonomi rekruttering

Finance and Insurance

Our experienced consultants possess a comprehensive understanding of the complexity within the finance and insurance sectors. We delve into the sector’s unique challenges and opportunities, constantly updating our knowledge of the latest financial trends, regulatory requirements, and technological advancements.

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Rekruttering offenligt

The public sector and labour unions

We have a comprehensive understanding of the particular challenges associated with working in the public sector and labour unions. This includes complex organizational structures, regulatory requirements, and the need to navigate relationships between employers and employees. Our insight into these aspects enables us to deliver tailored solutions that address the sector’s unique demands.

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