Actief Hartmanns is out of its category – but we are the answer to the “future of work”.

We believe, that when we talk about hiring, we also need to talk about adherence and development. We believe, that we have to talk about the ability to attract talents and strengthen employer branding, when we dismiss employees. Likewise, we believe, that a flexible and permanent staff should co-exist, when we plan our staff. Strategic workforce planning has never been more central in our organizations. For that reason, we specialize in all phases of the work-life.

With the width of our competencies, we offer you a partner with a broad perspective in every area of expertise. “Future of work” calls for holistic solutions with specialist competencies.

Local and global

Hartmanns is your consultancy and HR partner. We have international partnerships around the world. We collaborate with 6,000 Danish and international organizations, municipalities and job centers annually. Furthermore, we meet 30,000 candidates face to face each year. ‎ ‎ ‎

Our competencies are:

  • Hiring – recruitment and temps
  • Development and adherence
  • Dismissal and exit-strategies

We offer specialist competencies within a number of areas including Search & Selection, assessment, temporary employment, work environment, job satisfaction and stress-preventive efforts, Outplacement and exit-strategies.